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Ora is a video monetizaiton platform that helps publishers demystify the video eco-system and maximize profits. Our turn-key solution brings our clients the best video player platform technology and ad demand (RTB and Direct) coupled with our first class in-house video production suite and content catalog.

Why Choose Ora?

Video is an ever changing landscape and you need a trusted guide:

It is important to have the right team with the right know-how in place to keep your within compliance. Ora works closely with all top demand partners including Google's video policy team to ensure our clients stay on the right side of all new rules and regulations around video. The unfortunate circumstances regarding revenue claw-backs and black-marked sites is a reality for publishers who don't continue to evolve with the requirements of video monetization.

That's why Ora is your perfect partner!

Ora has a deep video production background with thousands of hours of high quality video with big celebrities! Don't be fooled by companies with limited licensed content that is not contextually relevant to your site or even worse, running still images strung together to look like video. If you're getting revenue claw-backs from the major demand partners like Google, more than likely sub-standard content is probably the reason why. At Ora, if we don't have the right content that you are looking for in our vast catalog, we would be happy to create a show custom for you.

Who better to trust with video than a team of award winning content creators with 1000's of hours of linear programming to their credit and countless awards?

Key Personnel
John Dickey
John Dickey
John Dickey is a media and technology Entrepreneur. John started his career by founding a strategy consulting firm focused on media. John co-founded and helped build Cumulus Media - one of two large platform companies that emerged post 1996 telecommunication act rule changes that governed ownership.
Larry King
Larry King
An American television and radio icon, whose work has been recognized with awards including two Peabodys, an Emmy award, and several Cable ACE Awards.
Carlos Slim
Carlos Slim
A Mexican business magnate, investor and philanthropist. From 2010 to 2013, Slim was ranked as the richest person in the world by the Forbes business magazine.
Tom Brown
Tom Brown
Tom Brown Bio
James Barry
James Barry
James Barry Bio
Kevin Harrison
Kevin Harrison
Kevin Harrison Bio
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Content for a diversity of brands

White labeled audience extension

If you are a site or network and are having difficulty getting on ad buys due to limited reach, Ora has a solution for you!

With over 2 billion video views monthly throughout our network, Ora has premium video placements in every major content vertical that can be available to you!

For an even more exclusive buying opportunity, why not couple a pre-roll and mid-roll ads in tandem with the content that runs after it. When brand recognition and awareness are the key KPI, this ad format stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Content Syndication

If you are a site or network and are having difficulty getting eyeballs, Ora has a solution for you!

With over 2 Billion video views monthly, Ora has the ability to get your content seen by a broad swath of the internet. Keep in mind, its an Ora video player which includes the pre-roll / mid-roll ad and the content that runs after as well. Why not run the ad and content in tandem? Your content is only as good as what your client remembers so take a hi-impact approach by using one of Ora's custom syndication solutions!

billion video views

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