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Travel with master brewer Michael Ferguson as he visits the top craft beer breweries in the country. Discover the top Ales, Lagers and IPA’s on Beer Geeks! Season Two of Beer Geeks launches in early Spring 2015. Sign up to the Beer Geeks newsletter to stay up to date on the new season's launch.

Season One Episodes:

Watch Full EpisodePort Brewing Company and the Lost Abbey

Host and master brewer Michael Ferguson visits brewing legend Tomme Arthur at Port Brewing Company and The Lost Abbey in San Marcos, California, where they caramelize a beer over rocks heated to a thousand degrees. Also, mixing barrel aged beers, making beer infused sous vide beef cheek tacos, and food and beer pairings.

Watch Full EpisodeHair of the Dog Brewery & Tasting Room

At Hair of the Dog Brewery and Tasting Room in Portland, Oregon, host and master brewer Michael Ferguson brews and cooks with iconoclastic brewer Alan Sprints, whose unique beers, named for his friends, are prized for their complexity and flavor.

Watch Full EpisodeDenver Beer Co.

Brewing beer with trees at the Denver Beer Co! Come along for the ride with Host and Master Brewer Michael Ferguson and owner/brewers Charlie Berger and Patrick Crawford when they head into the Colorado mountains to pick juniper boughs, then brew the whole boughs along with the berries into a Finnish inspired juniper beer. You can taste the trees in the beer and in the beer infused pork belly po boy. It’s great fun all the way through the pairings table.

Watch Full EpisodeBeer Geeks - Samuel Adams & Boston Beer Co.

In this episode, Michael meets up with his old friend and craft beer legend Jim Koch, founder of Samuel Adams in Boston. Jim makes sure Michael experiences everything – from brewing New World tripel, to tasting Utopias barrel-blended beer, the strongest naturally fermented beverage in the world, to checking out the amazing new beer can Jim invented to make beer from a can taste as good as beer from a glass. Michael also visits a Boston beer lover’s landmark restaurant, cooks up beer-centric fajitas, and joins Jim and friends for a first-rate pairings dinner.

Watch Full EpisodeO'so Brewing Co.

Host and Master Brewer Michael Ferguson visits an outside-the-glass, midwestern brewery, where unique beers include Lupulin Maximus Imperial IPA, Kartoffel Maibock, and Hopdinger Pale Ale. With Oso's owner/brewer Marc Buttera, Michael stuffs fresh hops into IPA bottles, then helps brew up a mashed potato beer. Then it's cooking – pork chops with beer infused apple compote – and a fabulous pairings dinner.

Watch Full EpisodeStone Brewing Co.

Host and Master Brewer Michael Ferguson gets free run behind the scenes of the legendary Stone Brewing Company with equally legendary co-founder Greg Koch and food and beer pairing icon "Dr. Bill" Sysak.The visit includes brewing the 2013 Stone ESPRESSO Imperial Russian Stout, attending the 12 Brewers, 12 Casks and 12 Mallets tasting event, cooking duck tacos with Stone Levitation Ale, and enjoying an amazing "Dr. Bill" orchestrated pairings dinner.

Watch Full EpisodeMystic Brewing Co.

Host and master brewer Michael Ferguson visits Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, Massachusetts, where owner/brewer Bryan Greenhagen is growing his own yeast from fresh fruit, and brewing at one site - then trucking the wort 70 miles to ferment. Also, making beer braised pork cheeks, and food and beer pairings.

Watch Full EpisodeTitletown Brewing Co. & Briess Malting

Host and master brewer Michael Ferguson and Titletown brewer David Oldenburg make wild rice beer at Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Then Michael tours the legendary Briess Malthouse. Also, making wort glazed bison meat loaf footballs, and food and beer pairings.

Watch Full EpisodeNew Belgium Brewing

At New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, one of the first American breweries to produce Belgian style beer, host and master brewer Michael Ferguson helps master blender Lauren Salazar create a new beer from a dozen different 20-foot tall barrels. Also, brewing 1554 black ale, making shrimp and grits with beer sauce, and food and beer pairings.

Watch Full EpisodeIndeed Brewing Co. & Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub

Host and master brewer Michael Ferguson takes part in a collaboration between two breweries, Indeed Brewing Company and Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub in Minneapolis, to make Hot Box, an Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter. Michael helps smoke the peppers and grain, and brew the beer. Also, brewing honey ginger beer, making beer-smoked pork, and food and beer pairings.

Watch Full EpisodeOdell Brewing Co.

At the Odell Brewing Co. in Fort Collins, Colorado, host and master brewer Michael Ferguson gets an inside look around from owner Doug Odell, and helps head brewer Bill Beymer brew Odell IPA with multiple hops, including whole leaf. Then Michael helps bake beer cupcakes, and there’s a beer and cupcake pairing too.

Watch Full EpisodeBootlegger's Brewery

At Bootlegger's Brewery in Fullerton, California, host and master brewer Michael Ferguson helps brew Black Phoenix, a chipotle coffee stout, with brewer Aaron Barkenhagen, after helping roast the coffee at Kean Coffee. Also, tater tots with beer infused chili. And food and beer pairings.

Watch Full EpisodeAvery Brewery Co.

Host and master brewer Michael Ferguson stops in to see what his old friend, Avery Brewing Company owner Adam Avery is up to. They brew Avery's famous Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale and check out the lab, where Avery is doing amazing things to insure beer quality. Also, beer braising short ribs, and food and beer pairings.

Michael Ferguson

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Beer Geeks Host Michael Ferguson is a Master Brewer and a pioneer in the craft beer world. A highly respected industry expert and longtime friend of many of the biggest names in craft brewing, Michael takes great pride in meeting and mentoring young brewers, helping nurture the next generation of craft beer producers.

about the show

BeerGeeks is the show that is all about the world's greatest beverage: beer! This original show will travel around the country, exploring craft beer from every angle. We will visit famous breweries and meet some of the zany personalities in the craft beer world. BeerGeeks will show the passion of the Craft Beer movement and explore this amazing culture. Join veteran brewmaster Michael Ferguson as he samples the best beer in the country. We hope you're thirsty!


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