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Salmon, Memory Lane, and the Big O

Beer GeeksOct 02 '14

Michael Ferguson tries a honey-berry salmon paired with Memory Lane, a German style Pilsner, and The Big O, a wheat ale at O's Brewing Co.


Episode Recap

Pan searing salmon and topping it off with a three-berry compote (as well as a little bit of honey), Mikey’s chef Justin Vargas dish was created with the Rusty Red (a red ale) with fruity tastes from both the ale and the berry, which pairs simultaneously with the savory notes from the fish, creating a burst of flavors.

Paired with the Memory Lane from O’so—a German-style pilsner with malty sweet flavor—the pils adds another dimension that contrasts the hop spiciness, sweetness, and fruitiness of the dish.

While Michael enjoyed the Memory Lane with the salmon, others at the table pushed for the Big O, a wheat ale. The orange included in the beer paired perfectly with the berries in the compote. The beer took the place of a white wine, balancing the heavily flavored dish. While Michael admitted that the second pairing was perhaps the better of the two, he also recognized that pairings are purely subjective.