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Meatloaf with Wort

Beer GeeksOct 23 '14

Michael Ferguson goes to the kitchen to help make bison meatloaf glazed with wort (non fermented beer) from Titletown's Bridge Out Stout.


Episode Recap

While the wort of the beer (the extract from the grain before any additional ingredients are added) is most often neglected, Molly Bluma uses it in the creation of her bison meatloaf. Additionally, since Titletown is located in Green Bay, where the sport of football is virtually worshipped, Molly shows her spirit by shaping the meat into small football shapes.

Michael and Molly crafted several of these miniature football-shaped bison meatloaves. While the meat cooked, Molly showed Michael how she creates the glaze using buffalo sauce and the wort from Titletown’s Bridge Out Stout. The sweet glaze is then applied to the meat in layers as it bakes. The result is a deliciously tender and completely balanced dish.