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Cali-Belgique IPA & Salad

Beer GeeksOct 09 '14

Michael Ferguson tastes a Stone Cali-Belgique IPA paired with Stone Farms Salad.


Episode Recap

Dr. Bill Saysak is very popular in the craft beer world, thanks for his keen sense of taste and perfect pairing skills. During Michael’s visit, the pairing genius chose Stone Brewing’s Cali-Belgique IPA with a cilantro-avocado vinaigrette salad, topped with citrus fruit, pistachios, and bacon.

The Belgian yeast strain used in the beer gave more complexity to the brew’s flavor profile, making it perfectly versatile for a wide range of pairings. According to Michael, the citrus from the fruit and the vinaigrette dressing complement each other while the “Belgian-ness” of the beer and the hoppiness of the IPA enhance the oils. The crisp, refreshing taste of the salad flows organically into the crisp, bitterness of the beer. Nothing about either the dish or the beer conflict; instead, they work to elevate each other to a whole new level.