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Pasta & Lager Marinade

Beer GeeksNov 13 '14

Michael Ferguson goes to the kitchen to help make a Chipotle Chicken Pasta with Irish-style lager marinade and a chipotle ale at Rogue Ales and Spirits.


Episode Recap

In the kitchen with Rogue Ales’ Matthew McClamont, Michael helped to make a chipotle chicken pasta. Using an Irish-style lager for the marinade and a chipotle ale for the finished product, the two brews made for a flavor-filled dish.

In addition to the Irish lager, the marinade also included lemon juice and rice wine vinegar (which gave the sauce a sweet tangy twist) as well as granulated garlic and thyme. Matthew also explained that every good marinade needs some sort of salt. For his marinade, he used soy sauce. After completing the marinade, the two moved on the main event. Sautéing chicken with garlic and peppers, Michael added a few ounces of chipotle ale to top it off. Even based on the aroma, Michael could tell that the beers paired perfectly with the dish’s flavors.

After adding both the chicken and the marinade to a bed of pasta, it was tasting time. After one bite, Michael was speechless. The chicken worked to layer the flavor with the beer-based sauce, and the spice from the chipotle beer came through to add even more flavor, pulling everything together.