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Pasta & Lager Marinade

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Loki Sausage & Double IPA

Beer GeeksNov 20 '14

Michael Ferguson gets a taste of Loki, a Palomino beer braised, hot polish sausage paired with Bootlegger's Knuckle Sandwich, a double IPA, and the Old World Hefeweizen.


Episode Recap

Despite its mischievous-sounding name, the Loki is actually nothing but spicy goodness. The popular sandwich, created by Luis Flores at The Viking Truck, is a hot polish sausage served with fire-roasted jalapeno and red bell peppers.

Michael and Bootlegger’s Brewery crew debated on what to pair with the fiery dish. While a heavily hopped beer was the initial answer, it was also suggested that a lighter beer (such as a hefeweizen) might be equally as complementing.

Bootlegger’s Knuckle Sandwich IPA, which has a great multi-flavor profile, is not a beer for the faint of heart, according to Michael. With an ABV of 10% and a lot of taste to back it up, the beer successfully cut through the spiciness of the dish. However, beers like the Old World Hefeweizen offered a lighter alternative and a more complementing flavor.

The beauty of pairing beers with foods is that there are no rules. Every person has their own unique taste preferences and ideas, making both the Knuckle Sandwich and the Old World perfect solutions for the dish.