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New Belgium 1554 Dark Lager

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Indeed Midnight Ryder & Beef

Beer GeeksNov 06 '14

Michael Ferguson samples the Indeed Midnight Ryder, an American Black Ale, paired with a Northbound Smokehouse smoked beef sandwich


Episode Recap

Trying Indeed Brewing Company pairings at Northbound Smokehouse, chef Bryce Strickler prepared a heavily smoked beef sandwich with some serious flavor. Using thinly sliced meat, horseradish mayo, smoked Gouda cheese, and a delicious bun, the melt-in-your-mouth meal was just asking to be devoured.

When paired with the Midnight Ryder—the brewery’s American black ale that contains a plethora of different malts and hops—the flavors of both the dish and the beer greatly enhanced. The beer, which reminded Michael of a Schwarzbier with its exceptionally hoppy notes and an intense flavor profile, paired perfectly with the extreme smokiness from the beef.