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Turkey Pot Pie & Black Bear Stout

Beer GeeksDec 11 '14

Michael Ferguson helps make a turkey pot pie transformed with Alameda's Black Bear Stout.


Episode Recap

Sitting at the top of Alameda’s House Favorites menu, chef Matthew Fox’s turkey potpie is drool-worthy.

After adding pitchers of Alameda Brewing’s Black Bear Stout to a savory Cajun turkey and vegetable mixture, Michael and Matthew placed the stew-like goodness into a dish before covering it with a thick piecrust, pinching the edges to seal it shut and lock in the flavor. After it was baked, the duo dug in.

From the escaping hot steam, Michael could smell hints of the rich stout and caught whiffs of the other flavors. The flaky crust added a crisp texture to the otherwise soup-like mixture. After the first bite, Michael couldn’t believe how the stout seemed to be all over the place. The special ingredient “took it from a regular potpie to an amazing meat potpie.”