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Bottling Beers at Avery

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Private Rye Lager & Pork Chops

Beer GeeksDec 04 '14

Michael Ferguson samples a savory pork chop matched with Jack's Abby spring seasonal Private Rye lager.


Episode Recap

Pairing pork chops with the spring seasonal Private Rye at Jack’s Abby Brewing, the combination received approval from the entire table.

After being brined for twelve hours, the resulting pork chops were savory and tender. The sauce, a pork jus (or liquid bacon, as Michael referred to it), is used to douse the meat in savory and flavorful goodness. When consumed with the Private Rye (a French farmhouse-style rye lager), the earthiness of the dish (particularly the mushrooms) is fully enhanced. The beer in and of itself is spicy and smooth with fruity and malty undertones. The lager supports everything going on in the dish, making it a huge hit at Jack’s Abby.