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Hair of the Dog Brewery & Tasting Room Sneak Peek

Beer GeeksSep 16 '14

At Hair of the Dog Brewery and Tasting Room in Portland, Oregon, host and master brewer Michael Ferguson brews and cooks with iconoclastic brewer Alan Sprints, whose unique beers, named for his friends, are prized for their complexity and flavor. Alan, one of the first American brewers to start barrel-aging beer, brews and bottles only once a week - for 24 hours straight - turning out fewer than 700 barrels a year. And Alan is also the chef, cooking his famous Chuck Norris beer braised duck wings and pairing them with a barley wine, Doggie Claws, to go with the spiciness of the wings. Michael, Alan, and two of Alan's friends for whom he named a beer, enjoy a pairings dinner, matching beers with food and explaining why as they go.