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Tea Brewed Beer at Noble Ale Works

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Cupcakes & Beer

Beer GeeksSep 25 '14

Michael Ferguson checks out orange marmalade cupcakes paired with IPA and chocolate/Cutthroat Porter cupcakes paired with Five Barrel Pale Ale, all with Odell Brewing Co.


Episode Recap

Cupcakes are not often paired with beer, let alone actually made with the beverage. However, after this highly successful tasting, we might begin to see more of the strange but splendid combination.

Kati Anderson, owner of and baker at the Cupcake Cruiser, is no stranger to using brews in her baked goods. With help from Michael, she prepared a variety of different cupcakes (several using various Odell Brewing Company beers) and hauled them over to the brewery for a highly anticipated beer and cupcake pairing.

An orange marmalade cupcake, made with ricotta cheese, was served with an IPA, which worked to cut into the middle of the sweetness. According to one impressed patron, the results were “pretty delicious.”

On the other side of the spectrum, a chocolate Cutthroat Porter cupcake was paired with Odell’s 5-Barrel Pale Ale. One taster had his expectations exceeded. “You wouldn’t think that a light-colored beer would really go with something this dark,” he said, surprised. However, the bitterness of the beer worked to balance out the sweet richness of the baked good.

Kati knew that cupcakes and beer were a great idea. Michael knew the pairing would be great. Now the world knows: cupcakes and beer!