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Brewing Beer with Trees at Denver Beer Co.

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Fajitas and Sam Adams

Beer GeeksSep 25 '14

Michael Ferguson helps makes a steak fajita marinade with Sam Adams Boston Brick Red.


Episode Recap

Using two different Samuel Adams beers in his mouthwatering marinated steak fajitas, Sunset Grill and Tap chef Marc Kadish knows how to create a delicious beer-laden dish.

For the marinade itself, Michael and Marc used Boston Brick Red in combination with a variety of other ingredients, including A-1 Steak Sauce, Worcestershire, fresh garlic, cilantro, and various spices. Not surprisingly, the beer’s aroma began to come through almost immediately. Once the steak had been saturated in the marinade, they threw it on the grill and cooked medium-rare.

Once complete, the steak was served with a Boston Lager-based sauce that also contained soy sauce, lime juice, wing sauce, and butter. However, the flagship beer is the key ingredient, or as Marc explained it, “The fuel to ignite the fajita.”

The verdict? A delicious, sizzling dish with malty undertones and a tangy finish.