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Cherry Brew at Central Waters

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Sausage and Barleywine

Beer GeeksJan 01 '15

Michael Ferguson gets his hands dirty, helping make sausage with Central Water's Bourbon Barrel Barleywine Ale.


Episode Recap

Adding Central Waters’ Barleywine in with ground meat and lard mash, Michael worked with T-Dub chef Lydia Walters to create beer-infused sausage links. In addition to the key ingredients, the cooking duo also used homemade tomato jam and select seasoning to add the perfect array of flavors.

Lydia explained why she chose to use barleywine for the dish, saying that the intricate levels of flavor that the brew offered best complemented the taste of the sausage. When the mixture was complete, the pair worked together to encase the sausage and twisted the long tube to create individual links. When cooked and added to a bed of mashed potatoes, the tender meat could only be described as “utterly fantastic.” Michael went as far as to claim there was a party in his mouth!