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Cupakes & Chocolate Milk Stout

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Short Ribs & Bourbon Barrel Stout

Beer GeeksJan 01 '15

Michael Ferguson gets a taste of short ribs both made with and paired the Broombarrel Stout at Central Waters.


Episode Recap

Braising and cooking short ribs in Central Waters Brewing’s Bourbon Barrel Stout is a talent of T-Dub’s Lydia Walters. According to Michael, those short ribs were the most tender and tasty short ribs he’d ever had—which is a high complement coming from the food and beer expert.

In addition to the flavor-packed dish, the gang of tasters drank the Bourbon Barrel Stout along with the food. While Michael explained that he’s not often a fan of using the same beer for a pairing as was cooked in the dish, this was an exception that he could get behind.

The pairing seemed to work on every level. What was missing from the beer’s flavor in the dish was made up by the flavor of the drink, making it the perfect complement. All in all, it was a truly wonderful combination.