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Prickly Pear Brew at NXNW

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Pork Chops & Black Ale

Beer GeeksJan 15 '15

Michael Ferguson heads back to the kitchen to help make pork chops cooked with NXNW's Black Ale.


Episode Recap

Using four whole cups of North by Northwest’s Okanogan Black Ale, Michael and chef George Powell marinated pork chops in the brew with a variety of spices before grilling them up and drizzling them with a balsamic glaze.

George explained that the beer adds a hint of sweetness to the pork while the hops work to add a subtle bitterness to the end of every bite. The contrasting flavors really bring out the full range of the pork taste.

When the duo finished the cooking, it was chowtime for Michael, who gave the dish a thumbs-up rating after the first bite. The malty sweetness of the beer came through and complemented the pork, and the hops were subtle but enhanced the dish like a good seasoning.