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Harpoon IPA Pretzels

Beer GeeksJan 08 '15

Michael Ferguson gets a look at making giant pretzels with the Harpoon IPA.


Episode Recap

While beer isn’t a common ingredient found in your average pretzel, Harpoon Brewery understands the value of a beer-infused twist. The Harpoon IPA is one of the key ingredients that pastry chef Katarina Matoon uses in the pub pretzels, and it adds unique floral and hoppy tastes to the snack.

Along with the beer, Michael and Katarina used basic dry ingredients as well as a salt mixture as the foundation of their dough. The chef explained how properly developed dough doesn’t rip when it is stretched. Then, she attempted to teach Michael the art of the pretzel twist…which is where things got pretty funny.

Although she made it look simple, explaining that it was simply “cross it over and bring it down,” Michael laughed as his first pretzel turned out to be a little off kilter. When the pastries had been folded, they tossed them into a large vat of boiling water and beer (more of the IPA) to cook.

The completed versions were then served in baskets. Michael noted how the steaming pretzel smelled of IPA; upon tasting it, he concluded that the flavor matched the scent: doughy goodness with a perfect, beer-enhanced flavor.

Harpoon IPA Pretzels

Pretzel Ingredients

    1000 grams all purpose flour (dry)
    1000 grams high gluten flour (dry) 
    1000 grams Harpoon IPA 
    70 grams sugar (dry) 
    80 grams butter 
    150 grams salt 
    150 grams yeast


Add beer, melted butter, and dries in mixer.
Mix on speed 1 for 3 minutes until shaggy consistency and add yeast.
Continue mixing for 3 minutes until incorporated into a ball form.
Add salt mixture with spent grain and mix in speed 2 for 15 minutes until the gluten has developed and the dough can be stretched.
Place on a greased baking sheet and place in proofer until it doubles in size, about 2.5 hours.The dough will deflate between 3.5 to 4 hours.
Take dough from the proofer to the pizza oven. Portion at 200 grams and makes 16
pretzels.Takes about 5 minutes.
Shape the pretzels and place them in the fridge for a day to stop the yeast.
Take the pretzels out of the fridge and boil them in 12 quarts of IPA beer and 6 quarts of water. 20 seconds on each side.
Take a pizza loader, sprinkle with corn meal to prevent from sticking on the pizza stone.Sprinkle with salt and spent grain.
Place 6 pretzels onto the pizza loader and bake for 425 degrees for 15 minutes.
The pretzels are placed into a 180 degree warmer where they can stay for an hour.