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Harpoon IPA Pretzels

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Lobster Roll & Belgian Style Blonde

Beer GeeksJan 08 '15

Michael Ferguson tastes a New England Lobster Roll paired with Harpoon's Hoppy Belgian Style Blonde.


Episode Recap

Widely known for its delectable seafood, it’s to no one’s surprise that a certain Boston-based restaurant makes a mean lobster roll. Legal Sea Foods uses onions, celery, mayonnaise, and a buttered bun for their take on the New England classic. When paired with Harpoon Brewery’s Hoppy Belgian Style Blonde, however, things get even better.

The combination of all of the ingredients in the dish, as well as the spicy, citrus flavors from the beer, work together to create a perfectly unified taste. According to Michael, a better beer couldn’t have been picked. The blend of American hops used in the brew add a hop aroma and hop flavor that enhance the lobster, complementing it as opposed to covering it up.