Larry King Is Definitely Not An 'Ale Man'

Brewmaster Michael Ferguson treats Larry King to an eye-opening tasting &let's just say Larry's definitely not an ale man...

What makes good craft beer? Brewmaster Michael Ferguson recently sat down with Larry King & treated him to an eye-opening tasting& let's just say Larry's definitely not an ale man...

And while Ales may not be what Larry King considers to good craft beer, according to brewmaster & Beer Geeks host Michael Ferguson it all depends on who you ask, "If you ask a German brewer, he says it takes a scientist to make a great beer if you ask a Belgian brewer he'll tell you it takes an artist to make a great beer. And in the craft industry it's really the combination of both." 

In case you missed Larry King's interview with Michael be sure to click below to watch it anytime online:

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