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By Brett Vanderbrook - An assortment of the most interesting stories, blogs, and articles that caught our eye this week.

For your enjoyment, here are some articles we found around the web this week that we think are worth checking out!

Pucker Up: 6 Spots to Taste Sour Beers in New York City

If you live in, or are planning to visit New York City, and are down with the exploding surge of barrel aged, funky, sour ales, this article from dnainfo.com points you in the right direction. There are seemingly enough American Wild Ales out there these days to rival even Belgium's lambics and geuezes, so this is a trend you won't want to miss!

5 Abbreviations Brewers Use that Everyday Drinkers Should Know

These terms are commonplace among brewers and beer nerds, and while you might know what ABV stands for, what about SRM? Box Brew Kits, a homebrew supply store from the Boston area provided this handy article with simple explanations and graphics for 5 important terms in the brewing industry.

Budweiser and the Craft Beer Fallacy - How Myths Hide Trends

Beer sales in America overall are on the decline, while craft beer sales are way up. The logical conclusion most come to is that the craft beer boom is taking sales away from the big brewers. Adam Hartung from Forbes Magazine challenges that notion in this article, and draws his own conclusion about the fall of the Budweiser Empire.

Lawmakers filing ‘Growler Bill’ for brewers

Florida and Utah are the only states left in the Union that don't allow breweries to fill and sell growlers on site. A State Senator and a Congressman in Florida have both drafted bills to change that, and allow Floridian brewers to sell 64-oz. growlers at their respective breweries. Read the article from Tampa Bay Newspapers here.

12 Beers of Christmas

Tom Bedell is doing a round-up of 12 different holiday themed beers for the Christmas and Hannukah season over on theaposition.com, his third such annual venture. He's 5 days in, but be sure to start at the beginning. Bedell's reviews are thorough and insightful, and will give you some great ideas for what beers to try out this December! Start with Day 1 here.





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