Weekly Mix Pack 12/26/14

By Brett Vanderbrook - An assortment of the most interesting stories, blogs, and articles that caught our eye this week.

For your enjoyment, here are some articles we found around the web this week that we think are worth checking out!

1. Ninkasi and Devil's Backbone collaborate on new brew
Craft beer darling Ninkasi Brewing Company out of Eugene, OR collaborated with Virginia's up and coming Devil's Backbone to create an imperial dark rye beer called The Devil Went Down to Oregon. Brewed with west coast hops, it will be released in January and mostly to Western states (sorry, East Coast!)


2. 9 Session Beers Crucial for Holiday Drinking
The holidays are a time for excess. If you don't want to be "that guy" at your next holiday party, take a gander at this list of low ABV brews from Thrillist to sip this December, in lieu of traditionally stronger winter beers.




 3. You Can Now Have Pizza Delivered With Your Beer in PA
Pennsylvania, although well known for some great East Coast craft beer, has some of the country's most arcane and complicated liquor distribution laws. They've taken a small step forward this week, as it is now legal for restaurants and other retailers to deliver beer with food orders.



4. Coming Clean about Dirty Glassware
While craft beer drinkers are becoming more and more educated about the beer they drink, the glass the beer is served in is an important part of the experience that often gets overlooked. Julia Herz, the Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewer's Association imparts some wisdom about the importance of clean glassware, and how to recognize if the glass your beer is being served in is up to snuff. Read the article on craftbeer.com!





5. Ancient Nubians Made Antiobiotic Beer
Admittedly this article isn't new, but Beer Geeks wasn't around in 2010 to share, so we're bringing it to you today! Research shows that an ancient people were regularly ingesting an antibiotic that was present in a special beer they brewed, and that it was no accident; they understood the link between the beer and its healing effect. Read the article on wired.com!




6. The ever-lasting Christmas Beer
This is the story of hundred-year beer, a type of ale brewed in Sweden in the 17th century. It got its name from the practice of draining half of the wooden casks it was aged in every few years, but re-using the barrels and blending in the old beer. It was literally the gift that kept on giving!



Share your favorite beer stories in the comments section or tweet them to us at @BeerGeeksonTV. We here at Beer Geeks hope that you're having the happiest of holidays this year, and we wish you good health and prosperity in 2015. We also wish you...more Beer Geeks! Season 2 is coming soon!


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