Don't Mess With Texas…Breweries!

Kate Ackerman delves into the Lone Star State's finest breweries giving any craft beer lover the inside scoop on the oldest craft brew houses to the up-and-comer's!


Everyone knows that everything’s bigger in Texas, but if you ask a Texan, you’ll also learn that everything (from BBQ to beer) is better in Texas. And while we might not go so far as to confirm that the state’s beer surpasses all others, we can’t deny that the crafters of the Lone Star State know how to make some fine brews.


Real Ale Brewing Company Blanco, TX

Since its beginning in the basement of an antique store, Real Ale Brewing Company has quickly become a Texas favorite. Now a high-functioning brewery located in the hill country southwest of Austin, Real Ale is known for their Rio Blanco Pale Ale, seasonal Coffee Porter, Fireman’s #4 Blonde Ale, and strong Belgian-style pale ale (aptly named Devil’s Backbone).

Freetail Brewing Company San Antonio, TX

Although relatively new to the trade, Freetail Brewing Company is already making waves…or should we say sound waves? After all, the brewery was named “Freetail” in honor of the millions of bats that make central Texas their home. According to the company’s founder, “Just like their namesake brewery, free-tailed bats are tiny, but they have a huge impact on the community.” And by producing both traditional brews and their own wild creations, they are steadily growing that influence.

Austin Beerworks Austin, TX

Wielding a slogan like “Hell-Bent on Excellence” is a bold move, and it sets thebar pretty high. However, Austin Beerworks somehow rises to the challenge, producing brews that even the most distinguished critic could find little to complain about. With only four basic beers (a pils, a basic ale, a Schwarz, and an IPA), the question of diversity and creativity may come into play; but although they may not place much value in ingenuity, Austin Beerworks knows how to nail the classics.


Karbach Brewing Company Houston, TX

One of the fastest-growing breweries in the state of Texas, Karbach Brewing Company offers a wide variety of both old-school and innovative options. Their Weekend Warrior Pale Ale and Hopadillo IPA are year-round fan favorites, but the seasonal hits Mother-in-Lager and Yule Shoot Your Eye Out take most of the attention during their limited availabilities. Overall, their unique selection and unmatched quirkiness explain why they continue to rapidly grow and e


Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Houston, TX

Proudly holding the title of “Texas’ Oldest Craft Brewery,” Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company has been perfecting th

e art of craft brewing since 1994. With a long list of available br

ews—including hefeweizens, IPAs, stouts, ales, and more than one Kölsch—Saint Arnold’s crafts consistently delicious beer that has withstood the test of the decades.

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