Chronicles of a #DrunkIntern at the - Upright Brewhouse West Village NY

Olivia has her first taste of being a #drunkintern

Hey everyone! My name is Olivia. I am a 23-year-old native of Connecticut and am currently interning at OraTv here in New York City. Ora produces shows like Larry King Now and William Shatner’s Brown Bag Wine Tasting! On September 18th Ora will be launching a fresh series of its newest endeavor: Beer Geeks. The show will travel across the country exploring breweries, and examining the art of craft beer.

Now the whole idea for this blog came about when some of the staff here at Ora learned that I had traveled to Italy this summer and volunteered my time on a vineyard in Tuscany. At “Castillo Di Potentino” I learned the ins and outs of wine making, from the earliest stages of tending to the vines to the proper way of bottling and labeling the finished product. I grew to love my time out in the vines, and enjoyed the fruits of my labor (ha- ha!) at each days end.

So Ora had an idea, why not take the intern who seems to know a bit about wine and absolutely NOTHING about craft beer and sit her down each week, seeing if she can use the tools she learned while wine tasting & apply them to the opposing beverage! The adventure began this past Friday, with a hashtag in mind…#drunkintern, and so my journey began down Hudson Street in the West Village to Upright Brewhouse.

Seeing as though this is the first blog post, I will lay out the ground rules for the #DrunkInterns Beer Blog. Each Friday afternoon, a different brew house, five half pints of beers & a five pint rating system. May I note that one member of the group started out this adventure by stating…”Every beer I drink I think, “Pizza would go good with that!””  We were off to a rocky start. The beer menu seemed a bit overwhelming at first, with many obscure names such as “Evil Twin Justin Blabaer." The group did our best to order, the waitress seemed skeptical of our motives.First up :

1. Third Rail Bodega Pale Ale by Third Rail Beer

A certain bite at the beginning with a smooth finish….this is all my brain seemed to conjure up, I needed to get creative.

2. Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest Marzen by Firestone Beer  

Earthy, smoky, smooth taste, very light. Easily drinkable, easily addicted. I’m noticing a sweet side to this beer.

3. Telegraph Brewing Company White Ale by Telegraph Brewing Company 

Spiced nicely, it’s reminding me of Christmas a bit. Your mouth is left with cinnamon esque overtones….. Am I getting better at this? Starts out light and gets pretty heavy. After the third beer I have taken a break for some French fries, this is going faster than I anticipated and this whole scene could be comparable to power hour, business related of course. On to the next one…

4. Against the Grain Killewitte Smoked Wit by Against the Grain Brewery 

Ah the smoked wit…I had the aftermath of this one in my mouth at least halfway home to New Haven on my Metro North train. The initial smell without tasting it is VERY smoky, could be compared to burning wood. It was bland…not my favorite. And last but not least, the final beer of the first ever #drunkintern beer blog!


5. Southern Tier Warlock Pumpkin Imperial Stoutby Southern Tier Brewing Company 

The name is as intimidating as the color of this brew. It is as dark as night.This stout is THICK, I’m posed with the question of “how many people can go to a bar and put back more than 1 pint of this stuff?” I know myself; I am not a fan of stouts to being with however…there is a slight hint of pumpkin with a smell resembling caramel so I will give it a ½point. Beer should be easy and pleasant to drink, for me this was the opposite.

Thus concludes the first ever blog post from the #drunkintern I shall leave you with this quote..

"There is an ancient Celtic axiom that says ‘Good people drink good beer.’ Which is true, then as now. Just look around you in any public barroom and you will quickly see: Bad people drink bad beer. Think about it." — Hunter S. Thompson

- Olivia

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