Hair of the Dog - ​Chuck Norris Duck Wings Recipe

One of founder Alan Sprints’ favorites is his famous Chuck Norris Duck Wings, which have a “mighty punch and a strong kick.” Infused with a variety of spices, the meaty duck wings are sautéed with spicy peppers and a variety of veggies before being marinated in Little Dog beer during a 3-hour slow cook in the oven.

Season the Duck with salt, all spice, pepper, and garlic powder in a bowl and toss, sprinkle again and toss.

Sauté the wings with oil until golden brown on the bottom and flip the wings (3-4 minutes per side).

Chop jalapeno, Serrano, pacilla pepper, and white onion. Place peppers, onions, rosemary, and thyme in hotel pan.Add little dog beer.

Place the wings on the bed of veggies and place in oven at 325 degrees for 3 hours.Take out and cool in the fridge.

Take the duck wings out of the oven and strain the peppers from the hotel pan into a pot and reduce by 25%. Takes an hour to reduce and it is used as a sauce. Cool the wings.

Hair of the Dog - Chuck Norris Duck Wings

Preparing the dish:

Place 3 wings and a ½ cup of stock in a sauté pan for 5 minutes (flip at half way point)

Place duck wings on a plate and cover with duck sauce, garnish with pickled peppers.

Watch Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog Brewery prepare Chuck Norris Duck Wings


Duck Wings10 lbs.
All Spice4 ounces
Salt4 ounces
Garlic Powder4 ounces
Black Pepper4 ounces
Jalapeno - Unchopped                    2 lbs
Serrano - Unchopped2 lbs
Picilla Pepper - Unchopped2 lbs
Habanera - Unchopped1 lbs
White Onion - Unchopped2-3 Onions
Fresh Rosemary7-8 stocks
Fresh Thyme50 stocks of thyme
Beer – Little Dog½ Gallon
Duck Stock½ Gallon 

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