Weekly Mix Pack 1/2/15

By Brett Vanderbrook - An assortment of the most interesting stories, blogs, and articles that caught our eye this week.

Here are six craft beer stories that caught our attention this week.

 1. 2015 May Be a Big Year For Beer
It might sound like the understatement of the decade, but Kerry J. Byrne of the Boston Herald plays Beer-strodamus, and makes some calls for 2015 regarding preference for styles, the impact mother nature will have, and consumer spending habits. Check it out!


2. Growing Taste for Craft Beer Leads to More Home Brewing
A side effect of the craft beer renaissance is a surge of people wanting to learn how to brew their own beer at home. The Sanford Homebrew Shop in Orlando, Florida is benefitting from this newfound hobby. Read more here. And, if you're interested in homebrewing, definitely check out our Homebrewing 101 articles!

3. 2014 Trends and the Best Beers that Represent Them
The end of the year is always about reflection. Looking back on the previous 365 days and sorting through the best and worst of it. Beer Vs. Beer takes a look at some of the prevailing trends in the craft beer world from 2014, and offers up what they believe to be the best representation of said trend. 


4. 5 Clues to Deciphering Craft Beer Styles
The increase in choice for craft beer drinkers, while welcomed by those bored of fizzy yellow beer, can be a bit daunting for the uneducated drinker. Craftbeer.com offers up an easily digestable breakdown that helps you pinpoint attributes of beer based on style, region, color, and ingredients used. Read up, and order with confidence the next time you hit up that pub with 60 taps!




5. 3 Wisconsin Women Earn Brewmaster Title
Craft beer as an industry skews predominantly male. Owners and brewers are made up mostly of men. However, three women in the great brewing state of Wisconsin are bucking that trend and have earned the coveted title of head brewer for their respective breweries. Read their story here.

6. The Dirt on Terroir
Terroir is one of those fancy French words which has no literal translation, but whose implications run deep. Usually reserved for talking about wine, it has crept its way into the craft beer vernacular. Although, some would rather you just call it "beer from a place."


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