Beer Geeks Season Three Premieres

From the Producer, David Page: We visit more great breweries all over the country.

Season Three of Beer Geeks begins next week – Thursday, the 29th to be exact. That’s when we will be premiering our visit to the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford NY. Elmsford, in Westchester, is a New York City bedroom community. The brewery is less than ten years old and already producing 25,000 barrels a year, much of it sours and barrel aged stuff. They are big on using local ingredients and, while we were there, we made a sour peach ale with peaches from a local farmer. Very impressive place and Scott Vaccaro is a terrific brewer and a wonderful host. We also cooked with beer and held a pairing dinner at the nearby Restaurant North in Armonk. Wow! Can you say lamb bacon? And that’s just our first stop for the new season.

After Captain Lawrence, we will be visiting breweries in Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Massachusetts. And we will be going on a NYC pub-crawl, visiting some legendary craft beer joints in the big apple and brewing with Chris Cuzme, one of the New York beer scenes most plugged-in characters.

We’ll be making everything from beer that tastes like ravioli, to a legendary stout, to a beer made with oyster meat (most oyster beers use the shells) and a lot more. It was a great season to shoot – once again, the best thing about doing beer geeks isn’t really the beer (though it's fabulous), it's the people we get to meet. The brewers, the owners, the patrons – this is a terrific group of people and we have been lucky to visit them, beer in hand, all across the country.

So stay tuned. Season three premieres in a matter of days.

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