What To Expect From Beer Geeks New Season

From the Producer, David Page: We'll bring you great brewers, great beer, and a lesson in doing what you want.

Our new season begins tomorrow (Thursday, October 29) and I couldn’t be more excited. We will be taking you to great breweries – and more – all over the country. We’ll feature great beer, great food with beer, and great people. With a variety of different takeaways from the different shows.

But one thing that stands out for me after stepping back and looking at all of the episodes is the fact that these brewers are doing what they want to do. They have each picked a path and stuck to it. Whether it’s making barrel aged sours in lager-loving Texas, or beer that evokes the flavor of a salad in New Jersey, or a gran cru in Wisconsin, the brewers are focused on doing what they want, and doing it the way they believe in. And that is the best of what craft beer is all about.

It’s well worth remembering as corporate beer gets bigger – and eventually does all it can to market less than stellar beer as ‘craft.’ It isn’t the label that makes it great. It’s the beer. Don’t expect real craft to dominate the market, but do look for it to own as much as a 20 percent share, which means plenty of people drinking plenty of great beer.

And our new season is filled with great beer. We will roll out a new episode every Thursday, starting tomorrow (October 29). Here’s a list of the episodes:

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

Jester King Brewery

Great Divide Brewing Company

Carton Brewing Company

Stone Cellar Brewpub

New York Pub Crawl

Harpoon Brewery

Enjoy! And thanks for watching.



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