Weekly Mix Pack 2/13/15

By Brett Vanderbrook - An assortment of the most interesting stories, blogs, and articles that caught our eye this week.

It has been a few weeks, but Beer Geeks is happy to bring you the Weekly Mix Pack again on this Friday the 13th! Let's take a look at some of the most intriguing beer stories we discovered this week!

1. How Illegal Homebrewing in Teetotaling Saudia Arabia Changed My Life
Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy started his career as a journalist for the AP. While stationed in Cairo, he met a man who would open his eyes to the world of homebrewing, coming from a country where alcohol was not only considered a sin, but a crime punishable by death in some instances.


2. Spit or Swallow: Differences Between Tasting Beer and Wine
It often feels like there are two camps: those for the grape, and those for the grain. But beer geeks and wine geeks have more in common than they may realize, even if their intoxicant of choice may be different. Deschutes Brewery breaks down the differences between a wine tasting and a beer tasting, and sheds some light on what makes them different and why. And really, can't we all just get along?

3. Revolution Brewing as Sweden's First Beer Made By Women Goes on Sale
There's no denying that beer is a boy's club. But there are a group of ladies who are bucking that trend by being the first female owned brewery owned by women in Sweden.  Their hop-forward ale is called "We Can Do It," a play on the old American icon Rosie the Riveter.


4. The Long Con: ABI, Marketing and the Myth of Authenticity
We all saw "the commercial." It has been talked about, scoffed at, torn apart, and defended from all corners of the internet. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, you're surely sick of hearing about it, but if you only read one more article about it, let it be this one. It's thoughtful, balanced, and kind of a mic drop about the whole ordeal.


5. The Best Little Big Brewery in America
The AC Golden Brewing company has a staff of 12 and only produces 11,000 barrels per year. But at the 2014 GABF it took home wins in both the large brewery and large company brewer category. AC Golden is an "incubator brewery" within the MillerCoors company, and therefore technically macro. But it's carving itself a little niche crafting beers made with all Colorado ingredients.


6. Beer Battle Foams Over on Capitol Hill
There are two bills being proposed before Congress this week. The Small BREW Act, which is supported by the Brewers Association, and the Fair BEER Act supported by the Beer Institute. Both aim to cut federal excise taxes for small brewers, but key differences in the bills hold financial implications that has split the brewing industry in two.


That's it for this week! Share your favorite beer stories in the comments section, or tweet them to us at @BeerGeeksonTV. And get ready for Beer Geeks season 2, coming this spring!

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