Weekly Mix Pack 2/20/15

By Brett Vanderbrook - An assortment of the most interesting stories, blogs, and articles that caught our eye this week.

This week was a cold one, Beer Geeks! Temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero in the Northeast made us want to stay in our PJs, curl up under a blanket, and sip barleywine. We hope you're staying warm wherever you might be (except you, Southern California. Don't rub it in.) Here for your reading pleasure is our weekly mix pack. Stories and articles from this week in beer that we found worthy of sharing.

1. The Sweet Taste of Sour Beers Makes a Comeback
Sour beers have been a staple in Belgium for centuries, but it has only been in recent years that it has gained serious traction in the US. Now just about every brewer stateside has at least experimented with barrel aged beers inoculated with wild yeast or bacteria. They're difficult to make, and easy to screw up, but when made well they can be the nectar of the gods!

2. A Museum Where You Can Go to Drink Beer
All you'll need is a passport and a plane ticket to Sweden, where you can visit the Spiritmuseum on the island of Djurg√•rden. Until recently the museum focused mainly on spirits, but as craft beer culture grows in Sweden, they partnered with design house Form Us With Love to create an exhibit that celebrates the art and science of making beer. Hurry, though, the exhibit will only last through this year!

3. FOMO Infiltrates Beer Culture
Sometimes referred to as "whales" by the community (a Moby Dick reference,) they're the beers you line up for in inclement weather, just to get a taste. Why do we put ourselves through it? FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. It's a phenomenon that plagues our online, always connected culture, and it has spilled over into the beer world, as well.

4. 17 of the Most Sought-After Craft Beers in America
Speaking of whales, the Huffington Post posted a list of 17 of those very rare, hard-to-find beers that get beer geeks in a frenzy. They also mention how to get your hands on them, but good luck since some of them require being at the brewery on the day it's released.

5. Allagash's Rob Tod Picks a World-Class 6 Pack of Craft Beer
Rob Tod is the highly respected founder of Portland, ME's Allagash Brewing Company. He was asked what his ultimate 6 pack would be, and Rob doesn't disappoint with his selections.

6. Hoops by Day; Hops By Night
During the day, P.T. Lovern is a middle school PE teacher from Oakland, CA. At night, however, Lovern puts on his other hat, which is the owner and head brewmaster of Line 51 Brewing Company. He brews 31 gallons at a time in his basement and distributes to local establishments. NPR brings us his amazing story in their Secret Lives of Teachers series.

That's all I can type; my fingers have gone numb! I'm going to dive into bed, turn on Netflix, and not come out until late April. Or until next Friday to post another Mix Pack. Whichever comes first. Happy Friday, and keep ora.tv/beergeeks bookmarked, because we're only weeks away from season 2!

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