Weekly Mix Pack 2/27/15

By Brett Vanderbrook - Six fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

Ahoy, craft beer lovers, and thanks for joining us! For those of you rocking the 9-5, welcome to the weekend! For those of you freelancers, or those with non-traditional schedules, welcome to just another day of the week! We've scoured the internet, and found six beer-related stories from this week for you to peruse. Cheers!

1. How Dogfish Head Strives for Quality Through Science
DogFish Head is a fixture of the American craft beer movement. From being one of the first American breweries to barrel age their beers, to reviving long lost recipes, Sam Calagione and co. have created a distinguishable brand for DFH. Besides originality, the folks at DFH are relentless in their pursuit of quality, which they achieve through painstaking research, testing, and attention to detail.

2. In Patagonia, Argentina's Beer Business Keeps Hopping
When we think about the craft beer movement, we generally think about the US. However, there are other places in the world (outside of those areas that are already famous for brewing) where demand for craft beer is on the rise. Patagonia, Argentina's Andes mountain paradise, is one such place thanks to an abundance of natural resources, pristine water supply, and a thriving tourism industry.

3. The 27 Essential Coffee Beers, Ranked
"Top <insert number>" lists are always controversial. Invariably, people will disagree about what the "best" of anything is. So just to stir the pot, here is a run down of the 27 best coffee beers in America, according to Thrillist! Let the internet rage commence!

4. BA Publishes Beer and Food Course
Despite outselling wine nearly three to one, education about beer and pairing food with beer lags significantly behind that of our collective wine knowledge. The Brewers' Association has set out to change that by offering a free, 60-page digital manual on their website. The manual presents a five day course which introduces the reader to beer, and educates on how to serve beer, and pair with food.

5. NYC Beer Week Spotlights Booming Brewery Industry
New York City (and New York State) is quickly becoming a force to reckon with in the craft beer world. Four years ago there were six breweries in the Big Apple. In 2015, there are 23, many of which are garnering serious critical buzz. This week New Yorkers celebrate this incredible growth with their annual week-long celebration!

6. The Most Influential Brewery You've Never Heard of
While hop-forward ales continue to be the dominant force in American brewing, there is a smaller, but fervent, fanbase for Saisons. Daniel Thiriez has been crafting them in Esquelbecq, France, just across the border from Belgium, for 19 years. While you've likely never had one of his beers, his unique style has undoubtedly influenced the American Saison.

That's all for this week, Geeks! Check back in again next Friday for another sixer, and be sure to comment below or start a conversation with us on twitter at @BeerGeeksonTV or on Facebook. We'll be that friend of yours whose ear you can talk off about beer without alienating!

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