Weekly Mix Pack: Fakery, Extinct Beer, and Reefer Madness

By Brett Vanderbrook - Six fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

This was a big week! Daylight Savings Time started, temperatures climbed above freezing for many parts of the country, and it finally became acceptable to drink one of the Spring seasonals that breweries have been pushing on us since early February. Jerks. Let's take a look at some the most interesting beer stories we've come across in the past week!

1. Looking at Tomorrow's Extinct Beer Styles Today
Beer is old enough that most styles that have ever existed are now extinct. While it's hard to imagine, some of the very styles that are right now at the peak of their popularity will likely inevitably become relics at some point. Jeff Alworth ponders which of our current beers will eventually become recipes that a future Sam Calagione-type will try to recreate some day far in the future.


2. What 170-Year Old Beer Really Tasted Like
In 2010, bottles of beer from the early 19th century were discovered in a shipwreck off the coast of Finland. While the taste left something to be desired, scientists wanted to know what it might have tasted like when it was fresh, and did some rigorous testing. The results are intriguing, and give us some insight into our brewing past.


3. Fakery and the Illusion of Variety
The phenomenon of craft beer gave way to phenomenon of contract brewing, which is to pay someone else to brew beer for you. While this is fairly common, there are those who feel that the practice is being abused in place like Belgium and Germany, and being used to deceive consumers.


4. Up and Coming Beer Destinations
When we think of the great beer brewing regions of Europe, who do we think of? Germany, England, the Czech Republic, Ireland. But what about Lithuania? While certainly not on most beer nerds' bucket lists (yet) it certainly boasts its own, unique brewing history and culture surrounding it. You heard it from Lars first: visit Vilnus!



5. Brew it Yourself: Stone Pale Ale
Recently Stone Brewing Company made the decision to retire its Pale Ale. This was met with dismay from the Stone-loving community, so as a means of consolation they decided to release a scaled down recipe for homebrewers. So while you won't be able to purchase the Pale Ale anymore, you'll now be able to brew your own!


6. A Song of Beer and Weed
It's not exactly a secret that Tony Magee and the gang at Lagunitas are fans of maryjane. However, the "St. Patrick's Day Massacre" of 2005 was the day when their liberal attitude toward marijuana almost brought the then modest regional brewery to its knees.


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