American Craft Beer Goes Global

From the Producer, David Page: Exports increased to almost 100 million dollars in 2014

When America’s craft beer industry was born, the gold standard in brewing was Europe. Craft brewers in America staged a revolution by brewing – and teaching beer drinkers here about – the kinds of beer brewed in Germany, Belgium, England, etc. for centuries. That meant studying their traditional techniques and ingredients and trying to duplicate their quality and flavors. And the Americans were good students. Still are.

But then something else began to happen. The Americans began taking what they had learned to a whole new level – experimenting, pushing the envelope, brewing, as Beer Geeks Host Michael Ferguson puts it, “outside the glass.” And the rest of the world began to take notice, at first responding to ultra-hoppy west coast style IPA’s, and then to a host of other American brews as well.

Some American craft breweries began exporting to other countries, at first in very small amounts. But those numbers keep going up. Figures released just this week show exports by volume up nearly 36% in 2014, to nearly a hundred million dollars. And the biggest growth was seen in Brazil – up nearly 64 percent!

So how confident are America’s craft brewers that the international taste for their product will continue to grow? Consider this: Stone Brewing Company, one of the pioneers of the craft beer movement, will soon be opening a brewery in Berlin.

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