Drink What You Love; Don't Be a Dick!

By Brett Vanderbrook - Can't we all just get along?

UPDATE: Our team is currently working on a few different designs for "Drink What You Love; Don't Be a Dick!" Once they're ready, we'll share them on Facebook and Twitter, and let you decide on a winner. The winning design will be printed on stickers and t-shirts that we'll be giving away as prizes. Stay tuned!

Maybe it's THE Superbowl Ad. Maybe it's the big corporate breweries buying smaller, independent breweries. Maybe it's the seemingly endless trademark disputes being filed. Regardless of who started the fire, lately there is definitely some animosity brewing in the beer drinking community. Perhaps it was inevitable. Beer consumption in the United States is on a steady decline, but craft beer sales keep going up and up.  For a long time the craft beer movement was something the big boys didn't even acknowledge (publicly, at least.) However, now that "shots have been fired," suddenly the community is up in arms.

Really, though, these tactics employed by Anheuser Busch are no different than those used by smaller breweries for years. AB scoffing at bespectacled, mustachioed hipsters sipping pumpkin peach ale really isn't that different than Stone Brewing exclaiming that "fizzy, yellow beer is for wussies." Both companies are disparaging beer drinkers choosing something other than their particular product, and it's equally counterproductive. There is a broad spectrum of beer in the world, and an equally diverse group of drinkers consuming those beers. Who cares if you prefer a bourbon barrel aged imperial coffee stout, and your friend would rather drink a light adjunct lager? It's awesome that you support the craft beer movement, and understand the subtlety and nuance of a well made Berlinerweiss, but you should never forget that there are those out there who simply aren't interested, and are perfectly happy knocking back copious amounts of Coors Light, no matter how many dirty looks you give them.

So we present you today the mantra of the beer drinking community that we hope will stick: drink what you love; don't be a dick. Because no matter which brand or style we reach for when when we choose to drink beer, we're all fans of the same thing, and that should be celebrated rather than fought over.


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