Weekly Mix Pack: Naked Beer Fests, Collagen, and Bull Durham

By Brett Vanderbrook - Six fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

Friendly reminder for all of those possibly living under a rock: today is tax day. The day that many of us scramble to dig up crumpled old receipts from plastic bags, and ask ourselves questions like "can I write off those beers I had with Joe if we talked about work?" Thankfully online software makes the task much simpler than it was in the dark ages before the internet, but it can still be stressful. So for now, put down that 1099, and take a gander at these beer-centric articles we've curated for you this week!

1. Japan Has a Collagen-Infused Beer for Women, and It’s Called Precious
It's safe to say that Japanese culture is... different from ours. They have some customs and traditions that seem odd to us, and vice versa. However, Japan is now launching a new beer targeted at women infused with collagen. A move so bizarrely tone deaf and sexist that we have to believe the Japanese are just trying to out-weird us. Well played, Japan. Watch the commercial and decide for yourself.

2. To Sip or to Cellar?
Cellaring was once only the territory of wine lovers, but as our appreciation and knowledge of beer deepens we realize that certain beers, like wines, also improve with age. But not every beer will age well, and knowing which ones to age and for how long can be subjective. In a nutshell, though, low alcohol or highly hopped: drink now; high alcohol and sweeter (or soured:) let them sit.


3. Get Ready to Hang Out at Naked Beer Fest in the Poconos
I thought I had seen every kind of beer festival, but boy oh boy was I mistaken. At the Bare Beach Beer Bash at the Sunny Rest Resort in the Poconos Mountains this June, clothing isn't just optional, it's forbidden. That's right, in order to enter this beer festival, you will have to leave your clothes at the door. $18 in advance, or $20 at the door. Although I'm not sure where you'd put your money...


4. Minor League Ballpark Installs Craft Brewery
Most of us are familiar with the Durham Bulls minor league baseball team thanks to the 1988 film starring Kevin Kostner, Bull Durham. Now you might start to know them for another reason: they installed a brewery in their ballpark. They will offer two styles at first, a wheat and a Kölsch, and fans will be able to enjoy the brews year round, even in the off season!


5. How the Untappd Empire Was Built in Spare Time
If you drink craft beer and own a smart phone, chances are you use Untappd. It's the largest and most successful social media platform for craft beer, with over 1.6 million users, and over 500,000 beer cataloged. Even more impressive is the two founders of Untappd are located on opposite ends of the country, both have full time jobs, and only manage the app in their spare time. Keep that in mind next time you check into a beer!


6. How Sobriety Lost the Battle
The title of this article is a tad misleading, but it's a good read nonetheless. It takes on the legend of the Battle of Trenton (you know, Washington crossing the Delaware) and the longheld belief that Washington was able to win because the Hessian soldier were drunk on beer from their Christmas celebration. Turns out that's not really true at all. So I'm not sure sobriety lost the battle, but beer surely didn't, either.

Well, back to schedule Cs and itemized deductions; Uncle Sam waits for no man. Next year I'm hiring an accountant!

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