New Season of Beer Geeks

From the Producer, David Page: Beer Geeks Season Two Begins April 30.

I’m excited to announce that season two is finally here. 

We’re going to a great group of breweries, starting off at Rogue where legendary brewer John Maier takes us - and you - deep inside the secrets of the Rogue Nation. And that includes visiting one of Rogue's farms, where they raise their own ingredients -from jalapeños to honey to acres and acres of hops. They're serious about what they call "ground to glass" brewing. They even grow and roast their own grain. The beer Michael brews with John during our visit - called Oregasmic -is actually made entirely from ingredients grown in Oregon on Rogue’s own farms. By the way, having been “forced to sample it for show production purposes,” I can report back that it is terrific. And trust me, for scientific accuracy I sampled more than one glass.

One of the other highlights of the new season is our visit to the Yakima Valley, where 75 percent of America’s hops are grown. This episode takes us to a place few beer lovers ever get to see. Hops are so vital to beer and yet few people know how they’re raised, harvested, and processed. We went inside all of that – including a visit to a 60 year old processing plant with hops bouncing down chutes, up against giant fans, onto spinning picking fingers, and into a triple-football-field sized kiln. It was like being inside a huge Rube Goldberg machine or Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. You're gonna love this.

In another episode, we trek out into the Texas Hill Country to harvest prickly pear cactus to make a fabulous saison. In another, we look into the phenomenon of India Pale Lagers at a family owned brewery in New England that's growing some of their own hops. In yet another episode, we're doing some more barrel aging - and blending. It's a deep dive into how different barrels can turn the same beer into very different brews. And that's just a few of the episodes. Next week, I’ll fill you in on some of the others.

We love making this show. It's a chance to meet great people, visit great breweries, drink great beer - and share it all with you.

So remember, Beer Geeks season two kicks off April 30th. I hope to see you there!

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