What Would You #AskMichael?

Got a craft beer question? Submit it here for Beer Geeks host Michael Ferguson to answer. 

We're launching a new feature with Beer Geeks host Michael Ferguson called #AskMichael. You can submit your craft beer curiosities and questions to a man who knows everything and more when it comes to beer. Michael takes great pride in meeting and mentoring young brewers and beer lovers and we're hoping this new interactive opportunity will help inspire and nurture the craft beer curiosities of our Beer Geek viewers!

No beer questions are off limits - from brewing to drinking to food & beer pairing and more. Simply complete the form below to submit your #AskMichael question and stay tuned for the answer - right here on Ora's website -  from our ultimate 'Beer Geek' Michael Ferguson!

And be sure to stay tuned for Season 2 of 'Beer Geeks' premiering April 30th right here on Ora.TV!

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