#AskMichael: Could there be anything beer doesn't pair with

There is a beer out there to pair with every food

Charnee asks:

Is there anything beer doesn't pair well with?

Michael answers:

I honestly believe that there is a beer out there to pair with every food served. Often times the beer and the food were paired historically because that's what they made to drink with the food they had to prepare.

Of course in the modern world there is not only instant communication but any beer can be anywhere in the world in a matter of hours! So you don't really have to stick with what you grew up with.

However I do believe there is food out there that is hard to pair with anything, even beer. Have you ever had Sea Cucumber? The best way I can describe it is that it resembles decaying and slimy monkey knuckles that have been soaked in ammonia. First and last time I had it was while I was helping to open a brewery in Korea. Love Korea, Hate Sea Cucumber!

Let me say this: for everything we choose to eat because we like it, there is certainly a beer to pair with it. You just have to find it.

Keep drinking good beer my friend,


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