#AskMichael: grain combos for an imperial banana chocolate stout

Grain combos for an imperial banana chocolate stout

D02holguin asks:

What grain combos would you use for an imperial banana chocolate stout?

Michael answers:

That actually sounds pretty good. But most of the flavor you want will come from adjuncts and yeast more than grain. And I think I'd make it a Blonde stout rather than a Dark stout but it could go both ways.

It would be basically the same grain bill but you would leave out the roasted barley, the black and chocolate malts, and the darker crystal malts.

My base malt would be Maris Otter, love that grain. Then I think there would be Honey Malt; not too much , no more than 7%. A little carapils, some light crystal (5 or 10L), some flaked oat, some lactose (depending on how sweet you want this beer), and coco nibs in the secondary. Use a Hefeweizen yeast that produces high levels of isoamyl-acetate or you could simply add it to the secondary since you might to want to use a high alcohol resistant yeast like a strong English Ale strain. Hops are not the big deal for a beer of this nature. I would keep the hopping rate about 50 IBU or so just to balance the lactose and residual sweetness. Something like Fuggle or Willamette. If it's going to be a really big beer then adjust it accordingly and maybe leave out the lactose. In which case you would use a more dominant hop.

Keep drinking good beer my friend


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