Weekly Mix Pack: DNA, Felonies, and Beer in the Bedroom

By Brett Vanderbrook - Six fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

Today is basically Christmas Eve for us, with the launch of season 2 of Beer Geeks happening tomorrow. We're all as excited as can be, and we hope you are, too! The craft beer world marches on, though, and here are some stories that grabbed our attention this week!

1. Brewdog to Launch 'Beer Hotel' With Booze on Draught
What's better than a mint on the pillow in your hotel room? How about beer on tap? That's the plan for Brewdog, as they're crowdfunding to increase their output for the international market. Part of the cash will go toward a hotel near the brewery, where they plan to have draught beer available in the bedrooms. Scotland, here we come!

2. Florida Legislature Passes Growler Bill
It might seem crazy, but until last week it was illegal in the state of Florida to sell beer in a 64 oz. growler. Thanks to a lot of our country's backward blue laws, beermakers sometimes still have to wade through this kind of red tape. Luckily for Florida, politicians came to their senses and unanimously approved the measure giving consumers more choice in the Sunshine state.

3. How the Beer Garden Came to Be
Who doesn't love to sit outside and enjoy the warmth of spring and summer with a giant mug of beer? It isn't hard to see why beer gardens are popular, but how they came to be was a sort of happy accident thanks to an old Bavarian law that prohibited the brewing of beer between the months of May and September. An enlightening read from the Atlantic!

4. Brewery Gets Community to Grow Hops
Farm to table (or glass) is very much en vogue these days, but New Helvetia Brewery in Sacramento is taking it to the next level. They're reaching out to the community, and asking them to grow hops at home that will then be used for their beer. A $10 fee gets you a pint glass, a ball of twine, and a hop rhizome. Get growing, Sacramento!

5. How Breweries are Trying to Spot Bad Beer Through DNA
Sometimes sour and funky are desirable qualities in a beer, say in a barrel aged wild ale. But if you're brewing a malty Oktoberfest or the like, it's the last thing you want. Bacterial infections can be problematic for brewers, and cost them time and money, but new technology is making faster and easier to catch these flaws before they ruin a batch.

6. MN Bar Faces Felony Charges for Selling New Glarus
If you've never been to Wisconsin, you've probably never had New Glarus beer. That's because the brewery is only legally allowed to sell its beer within the state. But the immense popularity of Spotted Cow, its flagship cream ale, causes people to go to great lengths to get it. A bar owner from Minnesota is finding out the hard way that the law is definitely not a joke.

Let the countdown begin! Beer Geeks season 2 is only hours away. Tomorrow you'll meet the Rogue Nation as Michael Ferguson travels to Portland, Oregon to visit Rogue Ales and Spirits.

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