Weekly Mix Pack: Tea Bags, Big Bucks, and Resurrection

By Brett Vanderbrook - Six fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

What a week of celebration! First Passover, then Easter, and then National Beer Day! If ever there was a time to maybe break out something from the cellar you've been holding on to, this was it. This week we bring you stories from the web about hop tea bags, fictional beer, and the return of a nearly extinct style. Let's dive right in.

1. Fictional Beer Brands
Every now and then, you want a beer. If you're like us, it's probably more often than that. But it's not just those of us in real life who thirst for hops and barley, fictional characters enjoy some suds, too! Here, from someone who has way more geek cred than you or I, is a comprehensive list of just about every fictional beer ever seen in books, comics, films, games and television. Anyone care for a Duff?

2. Tea Bags for Beer Drinkers
To say Americans like their beer hoppy is quite possibly the  understatement of the decade. And more and more drinkers' tastes are   leaning towards the aroma and freshness of late hopping rather than massive doses of bitter hops. Well now you can help Kickstart a company that wants to bring you a hop tea bag, so you can literally infuse your  beer with hops moments before you drink it. It doesn't get fresher than that!

3. The Birth, Death, and Resurrection of American Beer
The US has a long and complicated history with brewing beer. European immigrants helped shape beer culture before Prohibition would bring sales of alcoholic beverages to a screeching halt. Large, industrialized breweries would dominate the landscape for the next 6 decades before a few ambitious brewers began to buck the trend and bring variety back to the table.

4. Craft to Spend Big Bucks Against Big Beer
Last year in a move that raised some eyebrows in the beer drinking world, the BA changed their classification of what beers could be considered "craft," allowing for higher production and for the inclusion of adjunct beers, and thus Yuengling became craft beer. But if you're familiar with lobbying and big beer's tactics to get lawmakers on their side, you understand that this was a power move. Craft beer is bringing the fight to big beer!

5. Beer Glasses Get a New Shape
For many years, we Americans drank our beer out of one vessel: the shaker pint glass. And while it's true that it's probably still the most ubiquitous piece of glassware in just about any bar, beer drinkers are slowly learning that, like wine, the right glassware can improve your drinking experience.

6. The Rocket Rise of Gose
Gose, a style that was practically lost to the annals of time, is a low-alchol, tart and slightly saline beverage that was once all the rage in Leipzig, Germany. It fell mostly out of style, and up to a few years ago only a handful of breweries still produced it. Within the past few years, though, it's having a renaissance in the US, where drinkers are starting to embrace sour beers in a way they never had before.

Whatever days you chose to celebrate last week, we hope you toasted with something well crafted and tasty, because life is just too short to drink mediocre beer. Keep on geekin' in the free world, and get ramped up for Beer Geeks season 2!

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