5 Questions with Central Waters Brewing Co

Get to know the folks behind the operations at Central Waters Brewing Co...

In this week's latest installment of our '5 Questions with' feature we're getting to know the folks behind the operations of 'Central Waters Brewing Co':

  1. When we visited, you had 500 barrels aging. How many do you have now? Currently we have 2,500 barrels aging - and growing!
  2. Which barrels are you most excited/hopeful to taste? Beer aging in tequila barrels.
  3. What’s next after bourbon and wine barrels? Tequila & brandy
  4. Can a home brewer barrel age and if so, how? They could if they could brew enough to fill a barrel, but that would require about 57 gallons.
  5. What do you see on the horizon for craft beer? Continued growth!


Central Waters Brewing Co

Central Waters Brewing Co.

  • In 1996, two friends, Mike McElwain and Jerome Ebel, bought an old brick building on Highway 10 in Junction City, Wisconsin. The building, built around 1920, was originally a Model-A Ford dealership. Subsequently, the building housed a barbershop, followed by a liquidator of second-hand goods, before being vacated in 1988. Mike and Jerome purchased the building in 1996, and spent the next two years thoroughly cleaning and restoring it. When the facility was ready for its first beer production, the friends put together the funds to purchase some used dairy equipment. This equipment was retrofitted to ultimately become the brewery's first brew house. Months later, Central Waters Brewery came to be. Click here to learn more about Central Waters Brewing Co.

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