5 Questions with Alameda Brewing Co

Get to know Matt Schumacher, owner of Alameda Brewing Co.

In this week's latest installment of our '5 Questions With' feature we're getting to know Matt Schumacher, owner of 'Alameda Brewing Co' :

  1. Are you working on anything new?
  2. Yes, we are releasing a new full time IPA called Admiration IPA. The draft has hit the market and bottles will be released in the Fall.

  3. How do you stand out in such a great beer town as Portland?
  4. Being one of the oldest breweries in Portland, we have now opened a new production facility and are able to rotate through 3-4 specialty ales at our pub. This keeps us on the cutting edge of the beer scene in Portland. Allowing our brewers to come up with new and exciting brews all the time.

  5. Many “West Coast” beers are hop bombs. Many of yours are not. Why not?
  6. We focus on balance. This keeps the beer from being too hop heavy on the tongue. Yellow Wolf is a fine example, being near 100 IBU's it has a sweet malty finish to balance the intense hop character in the beginning.

  7. What’s the next big thing going to be in beer in Portland?
  8. Canning craft beer is the new thing in Portland. Many existing breweries are adding cans to their lineup. This is a trend that we think will only increase.

  9. What’s your favorite beer and food combo?
  10. Klickitat Pale Ale and Alameda's famous chicken wings!! Or, Black Bear Stout and Black Bear Turkey pot pie, of course! :)



Alameda Brewing Co.

  • Alameda Brewing Co. is a small brewery that began its life in the heart of the Beaumont Village in Northeast Portland. This 5 Barrel (155 gallon) brewery began producing craft beers in 1996. All of their beers are produced on location under the careful watch of headbrewer Carston Haney. There is always one seasonal beer on tap to fit the mood of the season and one selection served on nitrogen. Click hear to learn more about Alameda Brewing Co.

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