Weekly Mix Pack: Snoop Dogg, Arctic Exploration Ale, and Baby Labels

By Brett Vanderbrook- Six fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

As the weather continues to warm, and New York City starts to feel more and more like the inside of a mouth, I find myself dreaming of sipping a cold beer more often than usual. Luckily, as we're going to learn this week, research finds that I might actually be guarding myself against degenerative brain diseases by indulging in a few brewskis now and then. Now they just need to figure out a way to air condition the subway platforms, and my life will be complete!

1. Snoop Dogg Sues Pabst for Cut of Colt 45 Brand Value
Malt liquor has been synonymous with hip hop culture for decades, so it's no surprise rap icon Snoop Dogg was chosen as a brand ambassador for Blast, a Colt 45 product, in 2011. However, a new lawsuit alleges Snoop is owed a lot more, thanks to a phantom equity clause in the contract that allegedly gauranteed him 10% of the net sale price of the Colt 45 brand. 

2. Beer Compound Could Protect Brain Cells from Damage
"Beer kills brain cells!" they always tell me. Well, it looks like science might have the last laugh in that regard, as research done with the compound Xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant found in hops and beer, has shown it might actually help fight against degenerative diseases of the brain like Parkison's and Alzheimers. I should note that this is not an invitation to over-indulge; you still have your liver to worry about!

3. 200,000 Beer Labels and Out
Kent "Battle" Martin was the TTB's (Alcohol and Tabacco Tax and Trade Bureau) Malt Beverge Label Specialist from 2004-2015 having retired this month. During his 11-year tenure, he approved over 200,000 labels, or basically every label for every beer in the United States in that time period. However, he also rejected plenty, making him a controversial figure among brewers. There are rumors that he'll now be running a bar in the Baltimore area.

4. 140-Year-Old Bottle of Arctic Beer to Be Sold At Auction
You never know what you might find in the garage, and how much it might be worth. This was the case for an English auctioneer, who discovered a bottle of beer from Sir George Nares' 1875 Arctic Exploration in a town several hours outside of London. The bottle will be auctioned off, and is expected to sell for between £400 and £600 ($600-$900.)

5. German Beer Boss Fired for Drunk Driving
No one should ever drive drunk, obviously. But one should especially refrain if he's a top executive of the world's most recognizable beer brand. Till Hedrich, the former boss of A-B InBev's German operations, learned this the hard way when he was arrested in April for doing just that, and promply fired after less than 5 months at the job. Probably won't bode well for his LinkedIn profile.

6. NH Governor Blocks Baby Pictures on Beer Labels
Founder's immensely popular Breakfast stout will continue to not be sold in New Hampshire thanks to Gov. Maggie Hassan's veto of a bill that would have allowed images of minors on beer labels in some instances. The bill's sponsor, Rep. Keith Murphy, calls the veto "government overreach," and this author is inclined to agree in this instance. Although I'm a biased lover of Founders Breakfast Stout, to be fair.

This week on Beer Geeks, lager is king! And that's because Michael is visiting Jack's Abby in Massachussetts, where bottom fermenting beers are the only kind you'll find. You'll see them brew up a double IPL, as well as build a hop trellis on their family owned farm. The episode drops this Thursday, so don't miss out!

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