Weekly Mix Pack: 'Gansett, Blood Banks, and BrewDog's New Home

By Brett Vanderbrook - Six fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

It seems like only yesterday we were premiering the Rogue Ales episode of Beer Geeks, kicking off season two. Sadly, our visit to Jack's Abby last week brings season two to a close. We know we can't fill that Michael Ferguson sized hole in your heart, but the good news is you may soon be able to pick the right beer for you based on your DNA profile! Not exciting enough? How about a device that can open five beers at once? Read on

1. How Narragansett became cool again
Narragansett is hard to pronounce, but its name evokes the same thing no matter how you say it: New England. This 125-year-old Rhode Island beer has a long, rich history. 'Gansett (as the locals call it) enjoyed a 65% share of the New England beer market in the mid-20th century, plummeted to less than 600 barrels of production by 2004, but has rebounded, and is now enjoying a renaissance as an alternative to macro adjunct lagers.

2. 10 Great Beers You Will Never Taste
As depressing of an idea as it is, there are some beers out there that are simply too rare or produced in too limited a quantity for you to ever get your hands on. Take BrewDog's ultra one-off The End of History which boasted a 55% ABV and was packaged in a taxidermied squirrel. Oh, and only 11 bottles were ever produced. That makes this list as well as nine other "whalez."

3. BrewDog Picks Columbus as Home for New Brewery
It's becoming increasingly commonplace for American craft breweries to open operations abroad (Stone, Brooklyn, etc,) to expand their market and tap into foreign demand for great beer. Scotland's BrewDog is following suit by opening up a brewery here on American soil, and they've chosen Columbus, OH for their new 100,000 square-foot, 100-barrel brewery.

4. Pick Your Perfect Beer Through DNA Analysis
In the age of craft beer dominance, navigating a beer list can be daunting. Imagine if the guesswork could be taken out. That's the goal of Swiss scientist Gianpaolo Rando, who is currently mapping the genome of over 1,000 different beers. By determining the similarities in the DNA of different beers, you can better predict which beers you will (or won't) enjoy.

5. Man Creates a Device to Open Five Beers at Once
The Swiss are killing it in the world of beer this week, as this story also comes from the famously neutral, mountainous country. Using just a handful of rulers, and the help of some friends, this man crafted a crude device that will open five beers at once. Watching the video, it's hard not to share in the men's joy as his creation is put into action. This is a party trick sure to win people over!

6. Blood Donors Rewarded With Beer
Donate a pint; receive a pint. That was the promotion offered by Sussex, England based Dark Star Brewery last week. Coinciding with the National Health Service's (NHS) blood donation week, "PintForAPint" was created to raise awareness, and hopefully encourage people to give to their local blood banks. Man, all I ever got from the Red Cross was a cookie and some juice.

Thanks for watching season two! Don't worry, though, season three is on the horizon, and we'll still be dropping a new "Short Pour" video every Thursday. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for videos, recipes, blog posts and more! Happy Summer!

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