Weekly Mix Pack: Beer for Life, Homebrewing Robots, and Sweet Baby Jesus

By Brett Vanderbrook - Six fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

Have you ever dreamed of being able to go to your favorite local bar whenever you want and drink as much beer as you like without ever having to pay for it? That dream may become a reality for a handful of people in the St. Paul, MN area! You can read all about that in this week's Mix Pack, as well as stories of beer shampoo, homebrewing robots, and how the name of a particular peanut butter porter has a bee in some cutomers' bonnets.

1. Beer for Life for $1000
Do you live in the St. Paul, MN area, have $1000 to spare, and want free beer for life? Well, you best head over to Lake Monster Brewery'sIndieGoGo page. They're currently crowdfunding a new brewery and tap room, and are offering unlimited beer for life for 10 C-notes. The deal is only good as long as the brewery stays open, but we figure a few good Saturday nights ought to make this deal worth it.

2. Other Half Brewing - Helping Make Brooklyn Whole Again
Despite only being a year old, Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn, NY is making some serious waves. Their popularity has spread far beyond the boundaries of the borough they call home, especially now that they can beers like Green Diamonds, and All Green Everything, which are getting some national attention. They're also helping to shape Gowanus, the until-recently ramshackle part of Brooklyn that is experiencing a revitalization.

3. Carlsberg Gets Into the Grooming Game
When you think of men's grooming products, I'm willing to bet that a large, corporate European brewery does not jump to mind. Copenhagen based Carlsberg is hoping to change that, as they've released a line of products including shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. They're apparently loaded with B vitamins, which are good for hair and skin. I guess it's only fair that if your mouth gets beer, the rest of your body should, too.

4. "Brewbot" Makes Craft Beer with Smart Phone Controlled Robot
Homebrewing is getting more and more accessible thanks to a proliferation of online (and brick and mortar) homebrew shops. As a result more people are brewing at home than ever before. Brewbot in Northern Ireland is attempting to make the process even easier with an automated brewing system that you can control from a smart phone. If we continue at this rate, before long it will be just as commonplace to find people brewing beer in their homes as brewing coffee.

5. Enough With the Beer Samples
We've all been there. You're at a bar with a great draught list, and you're having an existential crisis because you just can't make a decision, so you ask for a sample. Under the right circumstances, there's nothing wrong with a taster now and then, but when folks start to take advantage of a bar's generosity, it ruins it for everyone. So take the author's advice here, and once in a while just go for it. You're probably going to have one or two more, anyway!

6. Grocery Chain Pulls ‘Sweet Baby Jesus’ After Too Many Complaints
There have been a litany of issues with beer names in 2015, but mostly they have stemmed from copyright claims. Baltimore based DuClaw Brewery is facing a different kind of music right now, as some folks are offended by the name of their popular chocolate peanut butter porter, Sweet Baby Jesus. While the company maintains they never intended to be blasphemous, there have been enough complaints to warrant it being removed from shelves at Heinen's grocery stores.

The homebrewing robot seems like a really cool idea, but it makes me wonder if Skynet is all that far off. Although, if a homebrewing robot became sentient, I suppose the worst that could happen would be there would be more beer in the world. In that case, bring on Judgement Day! Enjoy the rest of your week, and prepare yourself for new episodes of Beer Geeks on the horizon!

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