Weekly Mix Pack: Duffman, Beer Fuel, and Hygienic Beer Pong

By Brett Vanderbrook - Six Fresh stories for you to crack open and enjoy!

There's nothing Homer Simpson loves more than a cold beer on a hot Christmas morning. And Simpson fans know which beer Homer would reach for. As we find out this week, you, too can reach for it soon (provided you're in Chile.) We'll also learn about cars that run on yeast, a cleaner way to play beer pong, and how the state of Georgia took a small step forward in eradicating antiquated blue laws. Read on, and cool off during these dog days of summer with our mix pack!

1. New Zealand Just Worked Out How to Run Your Car on Beer
Is there anything beer can't do? If you live in New Zealand, the answer is pretty much "no" because the Kiwis have started selling a biofuel at gas stations made from leftover brewers' yeast. They discovered that the yeast slurry at the bottom of fermenting tanks could be used to produce ethanol, a key ingredient in biofuel. Now you can tell your friends when you have a few beers that you're really just doing your part to help save the earth.

2. Beer Pong Kickstarter Helps You Get Plastered the Hygienic Way
If you went to college in America, you probably played beer pong at some point. It's practically a rite of passage. Usually played in a dingy, off-campus basement, those ping pong balls could get pretty nasty, even with the obligatory "dunk cup." A few savvy guys have come up with a way to keep floor grime out of your cup, by using another cup which slips inside. An idea so simple, it makes us wonder why it took this long to come up with.

3. New Law Had Fans Waiting at Midnight
American beer laws can be maddening. Thanks to years of prohibition, many states still have stubborn laws on the books that can be a real hindrance to brewers who just want to sell their beer to thirsty patrons. Georgia recently made some progress by finally making it legal for a brewery to sell packaged beer on premises to take away - as long as the buyer takes a brewery tour. Excited beer fans began lining up hours before breweries opened for their chance to celebrate the new law.

4. You Will Soon Be Able to Enjoy Homer Simpson's Beverage of Choice
In Springfield, you can't get enough of that wonderful Duff! And now those of us with 5 fingers and slightly less yellow skin will also be able to enjoy Homer's beer of choice. 21st Century Fox has officially licensed a Duff Beer that will be produced in Chile, with plans to expand to the rest of South America and Europe. What, no love for the country the Simpsons came from? D'oh!

5. Can Craft Beer Truly Express a Sense of Place?
In the wine world, the word "terroir" is used to describe the esoteric quality that wine has depending on where it comes from. While beer can certainly be regional, the concept of terroir isn't discussed as much. But there are those in the community who believe that the "somewhereness" of beer is important (like Rogue Brewery, who we featured in season two, and Jester King who we'll visit in season three) and they go to great lengths to make their beers stand out.

6. Every Summer Event at Almost Every Local Brewery in NYC
New York summers can be rough. But thankfully, if you find yourself in the Big Apple when the heat is on, there are now 26 breweries in New York City where you can beat the heat, many of which have events and festivals during these melty months. Here you have a comprehensive list of every event going on at almost every brewery in the NYC area. Mark your calendar, and get ready to cool off!

Another way you can chill out this summer is with a beer cocktail. It's the time of year when mixing your beer is completely acceptable. Michael shows you how, and mixes himself up a little "beergria" in the most recent First Draft.

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