Hip Hop Stormtrooper and 10 Other Unexpected Cosplay Costumes

When you think Star Wars, we don't blame you if hip hop doesn't come to mind. In fact, we wouldn't blame you if, when it came to music and Star Wars, the first thing you thought of was that awful cantina band from Episode IV. On this week's episode of Brown Bag Wine Tasting, William Shatner sat down with Stryder who combined two things he loved and created the Hip Hop Stormtrooper, a now well-known character in the cosplay universe. 

But these days, Stryder isn't the the only person at Comic Con in an unexpected costume. Here are ten other cosplay costumes we didn't see coming.

1. She-Hulk


2. Batman Meets Steampunk

3. Jedi Elvis

4. Hello R2D2

5. Pimp Vader and Disco Boba Fett

6. Bounty Hunter Snow White

7. Teenage Mutant Turtle Trooper

8. Princess Darth Vader

9. Stormtrooper on Point

10. Minion R2D2

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