13 Ways Wine Is SO Much More Than...Wine

1. Wine is a helpful household tool. 

2. Wine is a workout. 

3. Wine is healthy.

4. Wine doesn't judge.

5. Wine knows no time.

6. Wine is love.

7. Wine is economical.

8. Wine keeps life simple.

9. Wine is classy.

10. Wine is never dull. 

11. Wine is there IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.

12. Wine is better than lemons.


13. Lastly, wine is sexy! This week on Brown Bag Wine Tasting, William Shatner sat down with Catherine Oxenberg and Casper Van Dien and the conversation turned to sex as Oxenberg discussed a documentary she is currently working on about female sexuality. 

Before you go, it's important to remember that no matter what wine is...

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