Mystery Wine Revealed: 2009 Lucia, Syrah

We never imagined we'd be writing about wine and surgery in the same sentence. It's safe to say the two don't usually mix well. But this week, William Shatner sat down with Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Michael Zadeh where they talk about Dr. Zadeh's profession, advances in the surgical world and of course try the mystery wine. 

So let's review! The mystery wine revealed in this week's episode was the 2009 Lucia, Syrah. This is an animalistic wine with dark flavors and as Dr. Zadeh's described a rejuvenating quality. Dr. Zadeh gave the 2009 Lucia a 91 and our sommelier gave it a 95.

In case you are unfamiliar with it, Syrah is a dark skinned grape known for it's powerful smell and flavor. The Lucia Vineyard is family owned and operated and produces Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, and Lucy Rose from the Santa Lucia Highlands. The vineyards are planted along the foothills raging from 400-1300 feet in elevation and the Syrah grapes grow at one of the highest points of elevation where they face more wind and rocky soil. This exposure to the elements helps produce what could be considered the most intense Syrah in California. If you're looking for a deep inky wine with bold fruits and spices, this just might be the perfect wine for you. It is available to purchase here

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