Meet DTLA Cheese!

DTLA Cheese is located in Downtown Los Angeles's historic Grand Central Market and is full of delicious aromatic cheeses. Sister Lydia (pictured above) and Marnie Clarke (in episode below), who recently opened their shop, have a history of dairy in their family. Their grandfather opened the well known Alta Dena Dairy years ago so it's safe to say they know their stuff. DTLA Cheese features nearly 120 varieties of cheese along with cheese plates and a cheese-centric menu. Gourmet grilled cheese anyone? And of course, they also serve local California beer and wines because when it comes down to it, what goes better with cheese, really? Just last week, they were featured in the LA Times. The sisters also own a second shop, Cheese Cave, in Claremont. It's clear, after sitting down and talking wine and cheese with William Shatner, that Marnie has found her life calling. We love her love of cheese. 

We have a whole new perspective on the word cheesemonger. Is it too late to switch careers? Follow DTLA Cheese on twitter and Instagram to see what they're up to on a regular basis. 

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